Thursday, September 24, 2009

Keep food hot on heat retentive plates

are ceramic plates especially designed to retain or store heat to keep food hot at the table The plates have a core of a material very efficient to absorb microwave energy in only one minute* which then is released as infrared radiation or heat slowly to keep food warm. The plate itself remains hot (still hot) after 30 minutes.

The heat is released slowly using the principles of the Stefan-Boltzmann law and other heat transfer laws applied in the design.

Unbelievably, the plates can be handled safely with the bare hands by the rim which does not get hot.

IMPORTANT: Eating slowly prevents overeating (Which is obviously good for our health)

*In a full size microwave oven (1200Watt)

IMPORTANT NOTE: These Gourmet plates (They improve any hot recipe) have been discovered by caregivers and are being used by ALS and Alzheimer's patients as well as by the elder the sick or anybody that eats slowly for a number of reasons besides enjoying food slowly. Did I tell you eating slowly prevents overeating?

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

WLS Support

WLS Support


Ron Merk

There are just over 4 million citizens of our great province of British Columbia (per 2006 numbers)

19% or 760,000 of us are not just over weight, but are considered obese - >30 BMI

An average of $1400 (US) or $1700 (CDN) additional health care dollars are spent yearly on doctors, prescriptions and other medical procedures for each person classed obese (per latest CDC numbers from the US - I actually suspect Canada spends more because we have a Health Care System that is more accessible) This does not included lost time and productivity dollars. Just in medical costs, that's a total of $1,292,000,000 for BC. Average BC Medical Costs

  • Normal Weight = $3600 yearly
  • Obese = $3600+$1700=$5300 yearly

Gastric/Bariatric surgery cost approximately $15,000 Read the rest>

Contact us for questions or support at

WLS Support

Newsletter sent by WLS Support

Friday, September 11, 2009

Could I lose weight just by eating slower?

Yes, you could lose weight simply by eating slowly; click the link below:
Could I lose weight just by eating slower?
There seems to be no doubt now; there are many websites about this subject and eve plates for eating slowly:
Eat slowly site

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Experiment proves that eating slowly= eating less

Experiment: 30 women
Eating quickly 646 calories consumed
Eating slowly 579 calories consumed
646/579= 1.11 (11% more calories consumed when eating quickly); read details in link below:

It is kind of funny, in real life If I eat quickly I usually ask for "a little bit more" and I am served 50 t0 70 % more food and at my mother's house I was served 80 to 100% more and guess what? once the food was on the plate it disappeared.

We are simply not trained to eat slowly or to leave food on the plate.
HotSmart plates for eating slowly

Friday, July 31, 2009

Slow Food

A 5 min. video about "Slow Food" the explanation could not be simpler.

To buy "Slow food plates"
(Keep your food hot while you enjoy slowly in a nice company)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

"Slow food plates" are "heat retentive plates"

The emphasis in the slow food movement is to enjoy healthy food with company; in order to enjoy your company, you need a plate that keeps your food hot, that allows conversation, a heat retentive plate that is: a slow food plate.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Not a diet plate but a Weight Loss Plate

This is not a diet plate that looks like a child's plate painted in different colors; this is an elegant bone china plate that can be used in formal dinners. The plate keeps food hot allowing people to eat slowly and get satisfied with less food. type eating slowly on any browser; this is not a theory anymore.
Order here:

Slow Food ...A Plate for...

Click the image to see an explanatory drawing

Slow food and the slow food movement are very well documented; what was missing was a slow food plate that really keeps food hot for full enjoyment.

The rim stays cool for handling with the bare hands

Monday, July 27, 2009


EAT SMART, eat slowly; give your sensors time to realize that you are not hungry anymore. "slow food plates" by HotSmart will keep your food hot and. you will be satisfied with less food.

Just type: "AMAZON HOTSMART" on any browser

Sunday, July 26, 2009


The SLOW FOOD MOVEMENT is growing and I believe it will continue growing; the philosophy is correct: Eating healthier 'green" food instead of "fast food" ; fast food will not go away and we actually need it because who has time nowadays, however I believe the movement will influence the fast food chains and people to change their eating habits.

The "slow food movement" is also about enjoying food slowly of course; HotSmart has "plates for eating slowly" or "Slow food plates"; they are the only object in the world that remains still hot after 30 minutes with just one minute preheating in a microwave oven and the rim remains cool for safe handling.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hotsmart patented Heat Storage Device

You can handle them safely with your bare hands

Do you know ANY OBJECT that you microwave for one minute and is STILL HOT after half hour?

HotSmart® Plates

They get very hot so you can enjoy your food slowly; ideal for banquets

Manufactured in fine bone china

So simple to use that you will be using them on a daily regular basis

Instructions for use:

  1. Preheat in a full size microwave oven for just one minute
  2. Handle with your bare hands by the rim –it stays cool- and serve your food hot as usual and enjoy it; it won’t get cold

Friday, July 24, 2009

Global Fattening

Global Fattening
Just as global warming, a term that was only a theory just a few years ago, global fattening is taking place right now; we are getting fat. The USA is the most obese country in the world and Mexico is second (Which proves that obesity is not related to riches but bad habits), even in China a country which was mostly lean, they are beginning to have this problem look at this chart.
(I chose it because it is funny and easy to understand):

I was convinced that eating slowly is part of the solution long before I invented and patented what I called at the time a "Heat Storage Dish" or a "Heat Retentive Plate" (This is I believe a good generic name, but people are not yet familiar with the term).

Anyway, paradoxically my invention the HotSmart plates
was developed because I hate cold tortillas (A nice Mexican fattening food) and I started developing a real good tortilla warmer (The ones on the market today simply do not work because they try to keep the heat from the tortillas from escaping using insulation but the tortillas do not have enough thermal mass to store enough heat by themselves, HotSmart plates are also good tortilla warmers... but that's another story).

Eating slowly gets you satisfied with less tortillas and you do not contribute to global fattening.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

HotSmart Slow Food Plates

Slow food
I will not discuss slow food here but briefly
(there is lots of info on the web and is probably as well documented as eating slowly)

Slow Food is an idea, a way of living and a way of eating. It is a global, grassroots movement with thousands of members around the world that links the pleasure of food with a commitment to community and the environment. (Definition from Slow Food USA).
Most plainly stated:
The Slow Food movement was founded by Carlo Petrini in Italy to combat fast food; in other words: instead of eating junk food as fast as we can, the emphasis is on good healthy "green" food enjoyed slowly. This movement is apparently growing fast, what was missing?



After WLS (weight loss surgery) we have to eat slowly, that is because by means of one of several different procedures available now (Which cost thousands of dollars), the stomach capacity is drastically reduced; and we cannot over eat since the stomach gets full very fast.
WLS forces you to eat slowly, but go to any "After weight loss surgery support group" and you will find out that the experience is not very nice.

My question is: Why don't we start eating slowly now and avoid WLS?
HotSmart plates for eating slowly



InstaHot Heat Retentive Plate


Now available in, as a single so you can confirm our claims just type: “HotSmart”*

The first functional change to the plate in centuries

· Manufactured in fine bone china 10.5 inch diameter, 1200 Watt-minutes (You do not have to plug anything)

· Keeps dinner hot; requires just one minute preheating time in a full size (1,200 Watt) Microwave oven.

· Remains hot for half hour (Yes, still hot after 30 minutes). **

· IMPORTANT: The rim stays always cool for safe easy handling with the bare hands

· Delay action keeps the food from overcooking or overheating. The heat is released with a delay when needed, not before.

· The heat is released slowly (at a controlled rate) using the Stefan-Boltzmann law

· Even though it is an all purpose plate, it is an excellent steak plate

· The most hygienic plate in history (Does not have the porous “dry foot” found in all plates that absorbs moisture and can be a breeding ground for bacteria (E. coli, salmonella, etc.) which could be transferred to the plate below when stacked.

· It may even help people lose weight by helping people to get satisfied with less food (Just type: “eating slowly” or “HotSmart” on your browser to learn about it) and more… (More for a “simple” plate??)…

· Yes, it is a WLS plate; an excellent tool for gastric bypass and Lap band surgery patients, who must eat slowly; please, see: http://www.HeatStorageDish.Com (140,000 operations performed in the USA alone each year).

· Ideal for elder people or people with disabilities who eat slowly

· For the rest of us, it will bring the luxury of eating on a hot plate at home on a daily regular basis since it is so simple to use and handle


** Time may vary depending on the quantity and temperature of the food served (Most people eat in less than 20 minutes and the plate is designed to be still hot after 30 minutes).

This Thermogram shows how temperatures are distributed and the cool rim

(The temperature at the center can reach about 100C= 212F).

Do not overheat the plate, one minute is enough

Copyright© Juan J. Ramirez 2009

The price of NOT eating slowly

Type: "eating slowly" in any browser to learn about the advantages, then type the link below to learn about typical costs in the UK (In Lbs.) for WLS. You can also go to any WLS support group to learn more (Don't think that you just get your weight loss surgery and your problems will be over, they are just starting).

Get a HotSmart plate to keep your food hot, start eating slowly NOW and drink lots of water with your food (you will feel full AND satisfied with less food). Why do you have to have surgery to feel full? I will keep researching...


PLATOS CALIENTES, spanish for "hot plates" unfortunately HOT PLATES in English usually means those electric gadgets used to cook, but HOTSMART PLATES are HOT PLATES or PLATOS CALIENTES in Spanish.

They are used for eating slowly, they keep food hot. they are hi tec dishes ok?

Use a HotSmart plate and drink lots of water

The HotSmart plate will keep your food hot and the water will give you a feeling of fullness.
TIP: Eat a couple of spoonfuls of your dessert first, remember when your mother used to tell you: "Do not start eating your dessert or you will not eat well"? (Eat well meant eating like a castaway, no wonder why the USA is the most obese country in the world, Mexico is second)

We are almost hardwired to eat fast; do you remember? "eat, eat or your food will get cold"

Eating slowly gets you satisfied with less food

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Eating slowly translates to eating less

Study suggests eating slowly translates to eating less USA TODAY
HotSmart Plates keep your food hot while you eat slowly

Plates for eating slowly HotSmart

Eating slowly has many well documented advantages; just type "eating slowly" on your browser to learn about it; it is also so easy to understand why that works, it takes about 20 minutes for your system to produce the hormones that signal your brain that you are satisfied.

The missing link in this eating slowly business was a "plate for keeping food hot" because as you know food gets cold especially if you eat slowly. There are now on the market several brands of "heat retentive plates", or "Plates for eating slowly" they could even be called "WLS plates" since they can be a great tool for weight loss surgery patients.

More later...